Day without shoes day

One Day Without Shoes

In a recent news assembly the children looked at and discussed an article from First News called Barefoot. We were shocked to see that in 2015 there are approximately 4 million children around the world that still do not have access to shoes and socks. The article explained that this led to many children suffering from a painful disease called Podoconosis. However, TOMS (a charitable shoe company) are trying to help.

On Thursday 21st May they held a world-wide event called One Day Without Shoes. They challenged people to go a day or part of the day completely barefoot. For every person that took part they promised to donate a pair of brand new shoes to a child in need. We felt that we had to take part because as a school we would be able to get TOMS to donate nearly 300 pairs of shoes!

So on Thursday the children and some of the adults went barefoot! We took lots of photos to prove that we had taken part and even managed to link it into our Art week. We painted our bare feet and used them to create a piece of art inspired by the campaign. We are really proud of what we have done and pleased that so many children will now receive a new pair of shoes to stop them from suffering from the painful disease.

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