Hockney's Team Day May 2015



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Hockney had a fantastic team day completing ‘yellow’ tasks. The first task involved making lemonade from water, sugar and lemon juice. It was a great success and many of the children asked for second helpings. The second task was a tasting session. The children were blindfolded and had to guess which yellow food they had eaten. All of the children were very brave at trying lots of different flavours. The third task was inspired by the famous song ‘You are my sunshine!’ The children had to turn a paper plate into a dazzling sun using a variety of yellow collage materials. Finally, the fourth task involved completing physical tasks using only yellow P.E. equipment. The children’s throwing, catching and aiming skills were put to good use! During the afternoon, the children and their family members were invited to get messy with art! They created artwork using only their fingers, sponges and yellow paint. They also made tile prints using polystyrene. All of the children were very well behaved and it was lovely to see some of the older pupils helping the younger ones.



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