Forces Club visit to Winchester University 2017

Club Force Trip to Winchester University

Creative Force

Evie Rose, Evie Davies and Sophie Boothby were given the opportunity to visit Winchester University on Friday 28th April to experience university life first hand. Whilst there they were able to talk to current university students, from a forces background, about their experiences and why they had decided to go to university.

 pic 1

The girls and Mrs Pattinson went on a tour of the university and saw what the student accommodation was like. When you go to university you are responsible for your own room and have to keep it clean and tidy. You can choose to eat at the many cafes or cook for yourself. University life is very to different school, you don’t have detention if you don’t do your work but, as it’s your choice to go to university, most people choose to study hard and attend lectures which are like our lessons.


pic 2 

        A study café  


pic 3  pic 4

      Student accommodation kitchen and bedroom


The girls had a great opportunity to attend a Creative Writing session with an author called Janet Waite. She helped them to start writing a story about a girl who was new in school. She discovered a magic fur cape which gave her the power of a Shapeshifter. If you want to know more of the stories they wrote please ask the girls to share them with you!

 pic 5

We all had a great time and the girls were a credit to Bedenham Primary School.