Building Learning Power Aliens

Over the last couple of years we have been developing the children's 'learning power'  - helping them to understand what it means to be 'fantastic learners'.

This year we are excited to be introducing the children to four friendly aliens who will help us to really think about what it means to be effective, enthusiastic learners. We hope the aliens will help them to remember the skills they need to be 'brilliant learners'.

You may notice children being awarded 'alien merits' - these will go towards their merit totals as normal.

Each alien helps us to think about different aspects of learning:

 seger    indirer


helps us with perseverance, moving away from distractions and managing our feelings. Ask your children about him.



helps us to be curious, recall and apply previous learning and to ask good questions.

 reflective    super tw

Reflective detective 

helps us to observe carefully, to reflect on our past learning and to use our imagination well.


Super TW 

helps us to work well with other people, use our listening skills and also to work well independently.


 Thanks to Jo Benson and Gomer Infant School who have given permission for us to use their alien designs!