Forces Club

At Bedenham, we have a small proportion of children from service families. Although the number of services children is relatively small, this can still have a large impact within school.

When a parent is about to deploy we often notice a change in behaviour of the child concerned. At times challenging behaviour is displayed. Often a child becomes withdrawn, more emotional and finds it difficult to focus on tasks, therefore inhibiting progress. Time is needed to talk about feelings, prepare them for the deployment and give them opportunity to work through emotions as well as provide opportunity for follow up during a deployment.


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Please click here to see a list of books to help children cope with separation when a parent or carer is away from home for a long time.


2017 - 2018

Our Forces club meets weekley with Mrs Pattinson on a Friday afternoon.

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Planting poppies at Bridgemary Library

Visit from WO Peter Hale, October 2017






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 We know from experience that children who receive ELSA support greatly benefit. ELSA support has helped to increase confidence and self-esteem, give children a greater ability to cope with emotions and problems which then leads to academic improvements. Children are better able to concentrate and enjoy school. Having discussed with parents, children and teachers, the types of support that have the greatest impact are social stories, having someone to talk to who is objective and the security of somewhere and someone to go to when things are difficult. Parents have also welcomed the idea of their child being given special time in school for creating artwork and keeping in touch with family members.


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   We have had a very successful few years with our Club Force meetings and activities. As well as meeting with the children on a regular basis for discussions and to talk though any worries, we have also been lucky enough to visit Explosion Museum, the Submarine Museum and were invited to watch the Ceremonial Divisions at HMS Sultan in May last year. The children had a group photo taken at HMS Sultan and this was presented to the school on the 9th July 2015 by PO Davies and WO1 Wearing. We finished this year (2015) with Club Force watching the Pantomime, Rapunzel at HMS Collingwood – we all had a brilliant time and this is going to be an annual Christmas treat for our Forces children.


Another firm favourite is ‘The Assault Course’ (in the school hall) where our Club Force children are able to show off their fantastic teamwork skills! This is revisited periodically throughout the year.


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Additionally, we have utilised parents’ experiences of Navy life by inviting parents into school to lead sessions and this was extremely positive for the children involved.

The children who are in Club Force are always enthusiastic and often ask when the next session will be. Not only have they been emotionally supported, they have also been able to form valuable relationships with children in the same position as them, therefore building their own support networks.

As a school, we are really proud of the impact our meetings and activities have had on the wellbeing of our Forces children!