Travel to School

We are constantly striving for solutions to our on-going parking issues.  Whilst most parents are very considerate and sensible, choosing to park at the bowling club using our 'Park and Stride' scheme or walk to school, some parents insist on driving even when they live less than a mile away.
We have just asked parents to fill in a traffic survey which will give us the reasons behind why this may be and we will publish the results on this new page.  We gratefully received 95 responses - a good percentage of our parents so thank you.
Here are some of the things we have put in place to try to ease the pressure outside school, particularly at pick up time:
  • Surveyed parents on the methods and reasons behind their methods of travelling to school
  • Introduced the park and ride scheme from the bowling club car park
  • Asked the HCC traffic department to repaint our zigzags
  • Increased police and traffic warden presence whenever possible
  • Promoted 'walk to school' as part of the curriculum
  • Requested leaflets from HCC to support parents in making the right decisions for travelling to school
  • Requested walking maps from HCC to support parents in leaving their cars at home
We will regularly update this page but request that if you have to journey to school by car, that you continue to park considerately and responsibly to ensure the continued safety of our children.
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