Aurora pic                                                     This is Aurora, she is our Roaring Reader Dragon, her body is made up of scales and on these scales are the names of the children who have gained their Roaring Reader Certificates.  

To become a roaring reader, all the children need to do is, read to an adult (once daily), then get the adult to write a comment in their reading record and both adult and child then put their intials in the boxes. This needs to be done TEN times (10 days)- then the child will receive a reading merit from their teacher, you will need TEN of these and then congratutulations your child is a Roaring Reader. They will then receive a certificate in assembly, their name will be on one of Aurora's scales and they will also get to choose a book of their choice from Mrs Wood's book basket.




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In addition to this, your child can also become a READING CHAMPION! Each year group have their own reading criteria in back of their reading records. (please click on your child's year to see the criteria)

Year R     Year 1     Year 2    Year 3    Year 4     Year 5     Year 6

 Once your child has read all the books on the list, then you need to fill in the back of the book with the details of the books that your child has read, then inform their teacher. Your child will then receive a certificate in assembly and a Reading Champion pin badge, which they can wear everyday to school if they wish.