Year R

Welcome to The Coral Reef!!!!!

coral reef  Year R at Bedenham is split into 4 family groups:

Seaturtles and Starfish – Coral Reef 1

Seahorses and Jellyfish – Coral Reef 2


Throughout Year R we compliment traditional themes of celebrations and seasons, by following the interests of the children, rather than fixed topics. These can change day to day or weekly! We support these interests in a range of curriculum areas, offering learning opportunities throughout the indoor and outdoor environment. We encourage children to be independent, to try new things and to solve problems through play based learning, whole class and small group activities.

This Term we are getting to know our new family groups and thinking about the changes around us as Summer turns to Autumn. We have already explored our shared love of Disney's Frozen and are now investigating Mini-Beasts!


We use the ‘Letters and Sounds phonics programme’ to support our teaching of reading and writing. Phonics is fun and active! It begins by introducing individual letter sounds and teaches children how to put these together to build words.

Look out for our ‘Family Phonics’ sessions!!


Key Days:

We usually do PE every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We got to the school library every Wednesday!


We love books! Reading is such an important life skill and in Year R we want all children to share our love of books and stories. We hope everyone enjoyed our Book Snuggle and are sharing books at home!

reading pic

We love parent helpers!!!!! If you fancy coming in to listen to children read OR if you have a hobby or hidden talent you would like to share with us, Please talk to a member of the Year R team!!  


Click on the video below to watch 'How to help you child learn phonics'