Years 5 & 6

Please click on the link below to view the powerpoint for information about timetables, routines, expectation, trips and the curriculum your children will cover this acedemic year.

Meet 'n' Greet powerpoint


 Year 5 - Summer term 2

In English we will continue with our Percy Jackson unit. By the end of the unit the children will have written their own narratives, using the Medusa scene as inspiration. We look forward to reading them! After that we will be focusing on some poetry; specifically the cautionary tale of The Spider and The Fly. We will be finishing the school year with some non-fiction, looking at disgusting recipes which promises to be lots of fun! Our maths lessons will focus on consolidating all the year 5 learning intentions with a focus on statistics, fractions, decimal numbers and percentages. In Science our focus shifts to the topic of Light. We will explore how light travels in straight lines and investigate reflection. We will also think about how animal eyes see light.In our topic time we will continue to explore the Ancient Greek way of life into the final half term. We will begin with a heated debate about which was the better state: Athens or Sparta. We will also be looking into Ancient Greek warfare and at the Battle of Marathon in particular. Finally we will be exploring some of the Ancient Greek myths and legends and the relevance of the Greek Gods. In Art after half term we will be moving into a focus on Design Technology and looking at designing and making our own healthy smoothies. The children will need to think about public taste testing and marketing; both in the design of the packaging and in designing a theoretical webpage to promote it. Our focus in RE for the new half term will shift to the idea of ‘ritual and prayer’, focusing on the Christian religion. We will be learning the difference between ritual and routine and  exploring how the Catholics use a rosary to support their rituals and prayer. Next half term in PE we are getting prepared for sports day through our Athletic sessions which links perfectly to our learning on the original Greek Olympics. Each child has a Challenge Booklet to record their own scores and to push themselves to get a new Personal Best. As ever, please do ensure that PE kits are in school from day one of the new half term. Hopefully the weather will continue to allow us to use the playground and field more often this term so well-fitting trainers are an essential part of the kit. Many thanks.


Year 6 – Summer 2

Now that SATs are over, we can start preparing for our transition into secondary school by visiting our new schools – something we are super excited, yet a tad apprehensive, about. Additionally, not only have we got our Up4Juniors trip to the University of Portsmouth, but we also have our residential trip to Wales to look forward to – let’s just pray the weather is as glorious as it has been in previous years. In science, and having visited Paulton’s Park, we will be creating electrical circuits and then using them to create fairground rides in Design Technology lessons. Our topic this term is Greeks and we will be reading some Greek mythology and writing our own Myths, as well as looking at the art and sculpture of that time period which we will use to help us in creating some of our own mythical creatures out of mod-rock and clay.